About Us

We began our corporate journey back in 2004 within a short span of time the Lims group has emerged as one of the fastest-growing business houses in the whole of Dubai.

We are a UAE based company with our headquarters located in Dubai, we have our offices spread across the major locations of UAE like Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain, so our suppliers, partners, and customers can reach us easier.

Since our inception, we have ventured into a number of diversified industries like Food and beverage, Domestic Services, Construction and maintenance, Corporate Solutions trading and Wholesale, etc.

Despite branching out to other industries our aim remains the same, which is to gain a strong foothold in all these diverse industries and to emerge as a strong, independent key player who can meet the risk and challenges faced by the industries and come up with innovative solutions to solve them.

We have always been committed to upholding the rules and regulations that govern this land and we have always strived our very best in keeping up with the business traditions and practices of our great land.

Throughout the years our greatest strength has been the constant support which we have received from the various government departments, our beloved customers, and our supplier network which has been spread across nationwide.

We have been able to establish strong cordial relationships with all of our above-mentioned benefactors thanks to the brilliant work done by our PR team.

Over the years we have earned many international awards and accolades for the excellence and commitment we have shown in meeting our client’s goals and expectations.

Our mission

It has been over a decade and we have achieved so much and in the next coming decade, we will conquer even greater heights, thanks to the constant support we are receiving from our beloved clients and our other well-wishers.

Our Vision

Even though it has been years our vision remains the same.

Which is to build strong everlasting relationships build on the basis of trust with our benefactors.

To foster a safe and nurturing environment for our workers, a place where they can relax and meet the organizational goals at the same time.

Our biggest vision is to provide our clients with products and services of the highest quality that always meets their expectations, which we are able to do thanks to the strategic partnerships which we have established with our key suppliers over the years.

Our Values

Despite the years we still adhere to our values, as these are something’s which we have practiced from the very beginning which we will continue to do so in the future also.

Which is to always put our customers first, it doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time or 100 th time you will always receive the same quality treatment. We always made it a point to deliver our customers with products and services that leaves an everlasting impression in their minds. Empathize with the customer, this is one value that we have always uphold from our very beginning. By empathizing with our customers we can come up with better solutions to their problems.