Food & Beverages

Our venture in the food and beverage industry can be broadly categorized into 2 areas of restaurants and Supermarkets. We cater to the needs and requirements of 1500+ customers throughout the UAE with our chains of supermarkets and groceries.

We want to reach out to our customers when they are searching for something this is what prompted us to open our stores all across Dubai so, that we can better cater to the need and requirements of our customers.

UAE is known for many things like skyscrapers, luxury cars, beautiful fountains, etc, however, there is one more thing that makes your life in Dubai so enriching irrespective of the fact whether you are a resident or a visitor it’s nothing other than the cuisine of Dubai Just like you can spot people from all over the world in Dubai you can also get to taste cuisine from all over the world.

From the traditional foods of Arabia like kebabs and Manti to Italian pasta and lasagna you can have them all. We have multiple restaurants spread across Dubai with culinary items from all over the world. Our restaurants are famous for their hygienic, hospitality and tasty meals